The essence of our work stems not only from our passion for great design, but from the excitement of strategically building a brand.

Positioning and designing the brand image and packaging for health and beauty, technology, food and beverage, clothing and sporting goods have given us a broad body of work, expressing the skills, wisdom, and perspective essential to our clients.
We believe there is value in carefully researching the marketplace to determine how best to distinguish and position a product from that of the competition. Developing a thoughtful strategy to connect to consumers culminates in a brand image that resonates with the market.
Platypus provides the unique strengths of strategic planning, positioning, and innovative design.
-market audit
-brand strategy/positioning
-brand identity
-brand graphics
-package design and production
-packaging graphics
-retail brand presence
-outdoor brand presence
We have worked as employees and freelance design directors for leading international design agencies, boutique firms, and in-house studios in New York City. The breadth of work we present in our portfolio is a combination of projects we have developed as employees of other firms, as independent consultants and as Platypus Strategic Creative. We bring our expertise to these same companies and to our individual clients.